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  • What is ClixSense?
  • What is the Strategy for ClixSense?
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    Notice: ClixSenseStrategy.org is for people who are either use ClixSense, or who are looking for ways to earn income online and wish to learn about how to use ClixSense as a viable option to make money online. No guarantees are made by this site, though the information provided is intended to be useful and accurate.

    Once you have read the overview of the program, you can join by clicking the banner below. Also, please be sure to check out the ClixSenseReferrals.org Co-op that I have set up that will show you how to get YOUR links in this guide for FREE!

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    What is ClixSense?

    ClixSense is a PTC site that allows its users to earn money from their computer by completing various tasks. According to PTC Investigation, ClixSense is an Elite site that has been in operation since 2007, and regularly pays its members. Additionally, it is also one of the HIGHER PAYING sites due to the vast amount of options you have for ways to earn!

    What is the Strategy for ClixSense?

    I will not waste your time by writing a lot of frilly material to convince you that ClixSense is a good idea. The fact is that you have ZERO STARTUP COST and therefore, nothing to lose.

    ClixSense is EASY to earn with. Once you create your account, simply login and on the right hand side of the screen, there is a CHECKLIST to follow.
    FOLLOW IT... it will only take you a few minutes per day to complete :)

    How to earn big?

    Really, with ClixSense, you need to build a downline. I have several sites and tools that offer ideas for how to build a downline for PTC sites. (There is a list below). Using the co-ops I set up is a great way to get involved with thousands of other like minded people and earn together, and help each other earn! Click here to visit the ClixSense co-op!

    ClixSense offers 8 levels of downline to earn from! Simple math will show you that referring 2 people who refer 2 people, etc... 8 times would give you a downline of over 500 people! If each person were earning you just a few cents per day on average, ClixSense could add hundreds of dollars per month to your PTC income portfolio!

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    Other Ways to make money online (my other guides)

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    Other co-ops (my other referral co-ops)

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